Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Sign" O' Trouble...

Given, I'm not a political person, but like most people, the upcoming election has made me a bit more politically charged than usual.  

A candidate that my wife an I support came to town and she wanted me to blow off my "other" job and join her at the rally.  I, of course, mumbled something (begrudgingly) about responsibility and I worked my shift that night.  She was there for about 5 hours from beginning to end, and had a BLAST!  

Upon my arrival home that night, I noticed a sign in the window, presumably from the rally.  So I go in the house, and remove the sign and throw it under the sofa.  I know, I know...dick move! But there's some back story you need to know.

I have been very clear about yard signs or any showing of political affiliation at or near the house.  I have nothing against my neighborhood or my surroundings, but I still don't quite feel like a local...yet.  My wife has been chomping at the bit to post a yard sign to show her solidarity and her belief in that campaign.  I respect that, I do!  However, there are 3 reasons why I'm dead set against a yard sign or any other iterations:
  1. It changes your relationship with your neighbors when you wear your political affiliation on your sleeve.  It feels as if you've tipped your hand and they have something "over" you.
  2. It could create a "Sign War" with other neighbors.  One political sign can inspire others which could divide neighbors and the neighborhood.
  3. I live where there aren't too many minorities, and showing any sort of support for either candidate could make my house a target.  Again, my neighborhood is devoid of the old "Stars and Bars" but we're about a 7 minute drive from a few houses with the Confederate Flag on a flagpole in their front yard.
So fast forward to 2 days later, and when we're pulling into the driveway, she notices the sign is missing.  I begin to explain that "We've talked about not posting a sign" and she completely goes Postal.  She begins to speak about her "rights" and the "time she spent to get that sign" and "our responsibility" and that I'm a "fearful wuss."  I asked during the barrage of insults, "What do you plan to do with the sign if I give it back?"  She refused to answer, which told me that she would post it immediately.  
Seeing no other option to this impasse of opinion, she pulled, what she thought was the Ace in the Hole to earn an instant win...she called my mother.

After a heated discussion with the U.N. (read Mom), T understood that it wasn't that I was irrationally freaking out about the sign, but my chief purpose as the man of the house is to Protect the house.  Posting anything that my result in retaliation is my concern.  I also understood that hiding the sign was as wrong as she unilaterally posting the sign.  Cooler heads prevailed and the lovely land of Eden was once again at peace.  

P.S. By the way...the day after our argument, my parents saw a news report about retaliatory attacks on houses for yard and window signs.  "I told you so"never even entered my head, but...